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BI-2 is a Russian rock band. It was formed in Belarus in 1988 by Leva and Shura, who both took the surname BI-2. BI originally was the abbreviation of "Bereg Istini" ("Shores of truth"), the previous name of the band. In the early years the band was playing punk rock music. In 1991 BI-2 moved to Israel and disbanded in 1993. Shura moved to Australia where he joined a darkwave band, Chiron. He inv

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Би—2 — Блеф
Би—2 — Ее Глаза
Би—2 — Молитва
Би—2 — Моя Любовь
Би—2 — Реки Любви
Би—2 — Революция
Би—2 — Серебро
Би—2 — Варвара
Би—2 — Волки
Би—2 — 1000 Миль
Би—2 — Дурочка
Би—2 — Феллини
Би—2 — Хипстер
Би—2 — Песок
Би—2 — Сердце
Би—2 — Шар Земной
Би—2 — Зажигать
Би—2 — Компромисс
Би—2 — Кукушка
Би—2 — Оптимист
Би—2 — Фелини