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Andrey Lysikov (born 1971, Moscow), known under stage name Dolphin, is a Russian artist in experimental hip-hop, alternative rock and electronic genres. Dolphin began his solo-career in 1996 after his initial departure from the well-known Russian pop-hip-hop trio Мальчишник. On the first two albums, 1997’s Не в фокусе (‘Out Of Focus’) and 1999’s Глубина резкости (‘Depth Of Field’) he presents a k

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Дельфин — Имя
Дельфин — Окно
Дельфин — Романс
Дельфин — Серебро
Дельфин — Весна
Дельфин — Война
Дельфин — Дверь
Дельфин — Облака
Дельфин — Звезда
Дельфин — Она
Дельфин — Июнь
Дельфин — Тоска
Дельфин — Снег