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Valery Kipelov was born in 1958, and has been the frontman of russian heavy metal legend Aria for seventeen years. Also, in 1997 he and Sergey Mavrin recorded duet album "Dark Ages", that included super-hit "Ya Svoboden" ("I Am Free"). In 2002 scandal divided Aria to halfs. Kipelov, Terentyev and Maniakin, joined by Sergey Mavrin, started their new band, entitled in honour of their leader. They pl

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Кипелов — Бесы
Кипелов — Безумие
Кипелов — Castlevania
Кипелов — Не Сейчас
Кипелов — Пророк
Кипелов — Вавилон
Кипелов — Я Свободен
Кипелов — Я Здесь
Кипелов — Легион
Кипелов — Монолог
Кипелов — Попурри