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Наив is russian Punk rock band. The leader of the group is Alexander "ChaCha" Ivanov (vocals), the director of the group is Dmitri "Snake" Khakimov. ::The history of the group:: 1989-2004 The beginning: NAIVE was formed in the army in the autumn of 1988 by two private soldiers Aleksander Ivanov and Maksim Kochetkov. This is already quite unusual for a punk group. The next year is considered to b

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Наив — Часики
Наив — Ненависть
Наив — Селяви
Наив — Суперзвезда
Наив — Утро
Наив — 100 Градусов
Наив — Nme Fuck Off
Наив — Вася
Наив — Героин
Наив — Зима
Наив — Измена
Наив — Колыбельная
Наив — Крошка
Наив — Лето
Наив — Нло
Наив — Ннннз
Наив — Никогда
Наив — Се—Ля—Ви
Наив — Танки—Панки
Наив — Я Не Знаю
Наив — Я Не Шучу
Наив — Я Спокоен