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Оригами (Origami) is an alternative\rock\mall emo band from St.Petersburg, Russia. The band started in April 6, 2002 and their first record (DEMO #0) came out in 2004. The line up finally was solidified in January 2005 during the record of their debut album, which was given the name "When lies turn true" (kogda lozh stala pravdoi). This record sees a release in autumn 2005 and turns to be successf

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Оригами — 12 Секунд
Оригами — Без Тебя
Оригами — Не Верю
Оригами — Нить
Оригами — Ради Чего
Оригами — Губы
Оригами — Плачу
Оригами — Спастись
Оригами — Шоу
Оригами — Эмма