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Пилот ("Pilot") is a Russian rock band that was established in 1996 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. At first it was called "Military Jane" and played mainly grunge music (and grunge influence remained in their music through following years). Also their texts as "Military Jane" were in English. Around 1997 Pilot started composing and performing songs in Russian. The band members are - Ilya 'Chort' (vo

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Пилот — Братишка
Пилот — Где Ты
Пилот — Ждите Солнца
Пилот — Наше Небо
Пилот — Неродина
Пилот — Питер
Пилот — Рок
Пилот — Сфинксы
Пилот — Шнурок
Пилот — Трамвайная
Пилот — Война
Пилот — Сибирь