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Руки Вверх
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Ruki Vverh (Russian: Руки Bверх meaning "Hands Up") was one of the most successful Russian pop groups of the 90's. They produced mostly dance music that combined simple melodies with progressive sounds of the time. One of their biggest hits was "Kroshka Moya". The group was officially disbanded in August 2006, but in 2012 they returned with new songs and new album. Discography: 1997 Dyshit

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Руки Вверх — 18 Мне Уже
Руки Вверх — Алёшка
Руки Вверх — Студент
Руки Вверх — Малыш
Руки Вверх — Он Не Я
Руки Вверх — Прости
Руки Вверх — Сережа
Руки Вверх — Уходи