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36 CrazyFists
guitar tabs and chords

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36 Crazyfists are a metalcore/nu metal band from Anchorage, Alaska. Their sound is characterised by unique vocals and intelligent songwriting. They were originally signed by Roadrunner Records. In 2006 they signed to the DRT Entertainment label for American distribution of "Rest Inside The Flames", as Roadrunner US kept pushing the release date back. They remained on Roadrunner UK label, where

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36 CrazyFists — Bloodwork
36 CrazyFists — Left Hand Charity
36 CrazyFists — One More Word
36 CrazyFists — Slit Wrist Theory
36 CrazyFists — Turns To Ashes
36 CrazyFists — Waterhaul
36 Crazyfists — All Night Lights
36 Crazyfists — Aurora
36 Crazyfists — Ceramic
36 Crazyfists — Circle The Drain
36 Crazyfists — City Below
36 Crazyfists — Destroy The Map
36 Crazyfists — Elysium
36 Crazyfists — Kenai
36 Crazyfists — Name Your Rapist
36 Crazyfists — Only A Year Or So
36 Crazyfists — The City Ignites
36 Crazyfists — The Great Descent