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ACIDMAN is a rock band from Japan. Its members are Oki Nobuo, Sato Masatoshi, and Urayama Ichigo. Guitarist/vocalist, Oki Nobuo is the main composer for the group, and is always experimenting with new types of music. Even though their music can be very relaxing, they tend to be catigorized under punk. Simply put, the band has a sound that is unique. They are known for their "second line" series in

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Acidman — 2145 Nen
Acidman — 2am
Acidman — Akatuki Wo Nokoshite
Acidman — Alma
Acidman — Aru Syoumei
Acidman — Carve With The Sense
Acidman — Colors Of The Wind
Acidman — Dear Freedom
Acidman — Free Star
Acidman — Hibikari
Acidman — Mawaru Meguru Sonokakue
Acidman — Old Sunset
Acidman — Sai
Acidman — Seikitou
Acidman — So Far