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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) AFI (A Fire Inside) is an American punk rock/alternative rock band from Ukiah, CA that formed in 1991. Their career progression has taken them through notable and drastic changes in music styles from hardcore punk/horror punk to punk rock to alternative rock. While in high school in Ukiah, California, David Marchand aka Davey Havok (vocals), Mark

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Afi — 6 To 8
Afi — A Single Second
Afi — A Story At Three
Afi — Affliction
Afi — 37mm
Afi — 17 Crimes
Afi — Beautiful Thieves
Afi — Bleed Black
Afi — Catch Hot One
Afi — But Home Is Nowhere
Afi — Breathing Towers To Heaven
Afi — Carcinogen Crush
Afi — Death Of Seasons
Afi — Cereal Wars
Afi — Clove Smoke Catharsis
Afi — Cold Hands
Afi — Days Of The Phoenix
Afi — Dancing Through Sunday
Afi — Ever And A Day
Afi — Endlessly She Said
Afi — End Transmission
Afi — Fallen Like The Sky
Afi — Ether
Afi — Fainting Spells
Afi — Fog
Afi — File 13
Afi — God Called In Sick Today
Afi — Girls Not Grey
Afi — Halloween
Afi — Head Like A Hole
Afi — I Wanna Get A Mohawk
Afi — I Hope You Suffer
Afi — Just Like Heaven
Afi — Interview
Afi — Kiss And Control
Afi — Kill Caustic
Afi — Leaving Song Part 2
Afi — Killing Lights
Afi — Love Like Winter
Afi — Miseria Cantare
Afi — Lower It
Afi — Medicate
Afi — Morning Star
Afi — Miss Murder
Afi — Now The World
Afi — Missing Frame
Afi — No Poetic Device
Afi — Open Your Eyes
Afi — On The Arrow
Afi — Ok I Feel Better Now
Afi — Paper Airplanes
Afi — Prayer Position
Afi — Prelude 1221
Afi — Strength Through Wounding
Afi — Sacrifice Theory
Afi — Sacrilege
Afi — Summer Shudder
Afi — Synesthesia
Afi — Silver And Cold
Afi — The Killing Lights
Afi — The Great Dissapointment
Afi — The Leaving Song
Afi — Third Season
Afi — This Secret Ninja
Afi — The Lost Souls
Afi — This Celluloid Dream
Afi — This Time Imperfect
Afi — Todays Lesson
Afi — Too Late For Gods
Afi — Total Immortal
Afi — Torch Song
Afi — Triple Zero
Afi — Two Of A Kind
Afi — Weve Got The Knife
Afi — Your Name Here
Afi — Girls Not Grey Acoustic
Afi — The Sinking Night
Afi — Snow Cats
Afi — White Offerings