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There are two artists named Aiden: 1. The American punk band, formed in 2003. 2. The new moniker of Aiden Grimshaw, as of 2013. Aiden is an American punk band from Seattle, Washington, that formed in the spring of 2003. The current members are William Control (vocals & guitar), Nick Wiggins (bass), Keef West (drums), and Ian MacWilliams (guitar). They have released 6 full length albums, 2 EP

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Aiden — A Candlelight
Aiden — Believe
Aiden — Black Market Hell
Aiden — Bliss
Aiden — Darkness
Aiden — Die Die My Darling
Aiden — Die Romantic
Aiden — Elizabeth
Aiden — Fifteen
Aiden — Genetic Design For Dying
Aiden — Goodbye Were Falling Fast
Aiden — Hysteria
Aiden — I Set My Friends On Fire
Aiden — Its Cold Tonight
Aiden — Kid Becomes The Dream
Aiden — Killing Machine
Aiden — Knife Blood Knightmare
Aiden — Knife Blood Nightmare
Aiden — Last Sunrise
Aiden — Let The Right One In
Aiden — Moment
Aiden — One Love
Aiden — Scavengers Of The Damned
Aiden — See You In Hell
Aiden — She Will Love You
Aiden — Silent Eyes
Aiden — Teenage Queen
Aiden — The Sky Is Falling
Aiden — We Sleep Forever