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Founded in 2005 by Jonas Nelhiebel (drums), Fabian Panzer (guitar) and Christian Simmerl (bass) under the moniker of Inner Aggression, the band was complemented that same year by vocalist Sebastian Panzer and completed by second guitarist Stephan Schafferhans in 2006. One year later, their self-released debut CD "Beginning Of An Inner War" arrived at the stores. Having promoted the album with coun

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Akrea — Ahnenrausch
Akrea — Auf Los Gehts Los
Akrea — Aufbruch
Akrea — Bhne Frei
Akrea — Guten Tag
Akrea — Meteor
Akrea — Tribok
Akrea — Trugbild
Akrea — Vier Sonnen
Akrea — Wilde Flut
Akrea — Zwischen Den Welten
Akrea — Dieser Klang