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Alan Hull
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Alan Hull (1945-1995) was an English singer-songwriter and founding member of the Tyneside folk rock band, Lindisfarne. Born James Alan Hull in Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne on 20th February1945, he became a member of the band The Chosen Few alongside keyboard player Mick Gallagher in 1962. He supported himself one year by working as a nurse at a mental hospital while appearing as a folk singer an

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Alan Hull — Spittin In The Wind
Alan Hull — Lay Back And Dream
Alan Hull — Isnt It Strange
Alan Hull — Corporation Rock
Alan Hull — Madmen And Loonies
Alan Hull — A Walk In The Sea
Alan Hull — Save Yourself
Alan Hull — Drug Song
Alan Hull — I Wish You Well
Alan Hull — Make Me Want To Stay
Alan Hull — Hoi Poloi
Alan Hull — Treat Me Kindly
Alan Hull — This Heart Of Mine
Alan Hull — Long Way From Home
Alan Hull — Walk A Crooked Mile