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Alexisonfire (pronounced 'alexis-on-fire') was a band from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Their music was characterized by turbulent and explosive dynamics with intricate guitar melodies. Consisting of five friends, they formed in late 2001 as the result of a three-band break up. In August 2011, it was announced on their website that they had broken up as members expressed interests in other pro

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Alexisonfire — Accidents
Alexisonfire — Adelleda
Alexisonfire — Boiled Frogs
Alexisonfire — Control
Alexisonfire — Crisis
Alexisonfire — Dogs Blood
Alexisonfire — Get Fighted
Alexisonfire — Jubella
Alexisonfire — Keep It On Wax
Alexisonfire — Mailbox Arson
Alexisonfire — No Transitory
Alexisonfire — Old Crows
Alexisonfire — Pulmonary Archery
Alexisonfire — Rough Hands
Alexisonfire — Sharks And Danger
Alexisonfire — Sons Of Privilege
Alexisonfire — That Girl Possessed
Alexisonfire — The Kennedy Curse
Alexisonfire — The Northern
Alexisonfire — To A Friend
Alexisonfire — Water Wings
Alexisonfire — Waterwings
Alexisonfire — Where No One Knows
Alexisonfire — White Devil
Alexisonfire — Young Cardinals