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Allegaeon (pronounced uh-lee-juhn) The technical death metal / melodic death metal band Allegaeon was formed in 2008 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Allegaeon (out in 2008 self-released) was recorded and produced by Dave Otero of Flatline Audio, (Cephalic Carnage, Matriden). It has been hailed by many as “Colorado Talent to keep on the Radar”. In 2010, they released their first full album, Fragments o

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Allegaeon — A Cosmic Question
Allegaeon — Across The Folded Line
Allegaeon — 1618
Allegaeon — Atrophy Of Hippocrates
Allegaeon — A Path Disclosed
Allegaeon — Accelerated Evolution
Allegaeon — Behold God I Am
Allegaeon — From Seed To Throne
Allegaeon — Cower Before Me
Allegaeon — Biomech Ii
Allegaeon — Biomech — Vals 666
Allegaeon — Dyson Sphere
Allegaeon — Iconic Images
Allegaeon — Genocide For Praise
Allegaeon — Our Cosmic Casket
Allegaeon — The God Particle
Allegaeon — The Ballad Ov Pluto
Allegaeon — The Cleansing
Allegaeon — The Renewal
Allegaeon — Through Ages Of Ice
Allegaeon — Cower Before Me
Allegaeon — Of Mind And Matrix
Allegaeon — All Hail Science
Allegaeon — From Nothing
Allegaeon — Grey Matter Mechanics
Allegaeon — Cognitive Computations
Allegaeon — The Arbiters
Allegaeon — The Azrael Trigger