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Amaranthe is a Swedish/Danish band, originated from Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in 2008 that fuses melodic metal with pop melodies. Formed by Jake E (Dreamland, Dream Evil) and Olof Mörck (Dragonland, Nightrage), the project began taking shape, when singers Elize Ryd (toured with Kamelot) and Andreas Solvestrom (Cipher System, Within Y), signed on, as did drummer Morten Løwe Sørensen (The Cleansing

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Amaranthe — Drop Dead Cynical
Amaranthe — Burn With Me
Amaranthe — Amaranthine
Amaranthe — Call Out My Name
Amaranthe — Digital World
Amaranthe — Afterlife
Amaranthe — Exhale
Amaranthe — Rain Its All About Me
Amaranthe — Serendipity
Amaranthe — Hunger
Amaranthe — The Nexus
Amaranthe — Stardust
Amaranthe — Trinity
Amaranthe — Unreal
Amaranthe — Invincible
Amaranthe — That Song
Amaranthe — Boomerang