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Amoral was established by Ben Varon, Juhana Karlsson and Silver Ots in 2000 in Helsinki, Finland. Their first vocalist was Matti Pitkänen, who was quickly replaced by Niko Kalliojärvi. Former band members also include Ville Sorvali from Moonsorrow on bass. For some time before Sorvali joined Amoral, the band was without bass player, and Ots played bass on some of their demos. Amoral released two

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Amoral — Atrocity Evolution
Amoral — D Drop Bop
Amoral — Decrowning
Amoral — Denial 101
Amoral — Distract
Amoral — Hours Of Simplicity
Amoral — Last October
Amoral — Metamorphosis
Amoral — Random Words
Amoral — Showdown
Amoral — Verge
Amoral — Warp