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There are several bands/artists which have used this name 1) Swedish progressive metal group formed in 1999 2) English psychedelic/progressive group formed in 1968 3) German progressive rock band from 1970 4) Swedish progressive psytrance duo 5) Australian band Love Outside Andromeda which started as Andromeda 6) Power metal band from Guatemala 7) Dance-metal band based in Devon, UK 8) Televisi

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Andromeda — Archangel
Andromeda — Blink Of An Eye
Andromeda — Chameleon Carnival
Andromeda — Crecendo Of Thoughts
Andromeda — Extension Of The Wish
Andromeda — In The End
Andromeda — Mirages
Andromeda — Morphing Into Nothing
Andromeda — Periscope
Andromeda — Star Shooter Supreme
Andromeda — The Cage Of Me
Andromeda — The Words Unspoken
Andromeda — Veil Of Illumination
Andromeda — Inner Circle