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Angra are a progressive power metal formation from São Paulo, Brazil. Formed in 1991, with Andre Matos (vocals), Luís Mariutti (bass), Marcos Antunes (drums), André Linhares (guitar) and Rafael Bittencourt (guitar). In 1992, Linhares was replaced by André Hernandes, later replaced by Kiko Loureiro. They underwent a big line-up change in 2000, when the vocalist Andre Matos, the bassist Luis Mariut

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Angra — Abandoned Fate
Angra — Acid Rain
Angra — Angels And Demons
Angra — Angels Cry
Angra — Arising Thunder
Angra — Ashes
Angra — Awake From Darkness
Angra — Bleeding Heart
Angra — Caa E Caador
Angra — Carolina Iv
Angra — Carry On
Angra — Course Of Nature
Angra — Crossing Nothing To Say
Angra — Deep Blue
Angra — Deus Le Volt
Angra — Ego Painted Grey
Angra — Evil Warning
Angra — Extreme Dream
Angra — Eyes Of Christ
Angra — Fireworks
Angra — Freedom Call
Angra — Gentle Change
Angra — Heroes Of Sand
Angra — Holy Land
Angra — In Excelsis Nova Era
Angra — Judgement Day
Angra — Lasting Child
Angra — Late Redemption
Angra — Lease Of Life
Angra — Lisbon
Angra — Live And Learn
Angra — Lullaby For Lucifer
Angra — Lullabye For Lucifer
Angra — Make Believe
Angra — Make Believe Acoustic
Angra — Metal Icarus
Angra — Millennium Sun
Angra — Mistery Machine
Angra — Morning Star
Angra — Never Understand
Angra — No Pain For The Dead
Angra — Nothing To Say
Angra — Nova Era
Angra — Painkiller
Angra — Paradise
Angra — Petrified Eyes
Angra — Black Hearted Soul