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Anoreksi is a melodic death metal band, from Istanbul, Turkey, that first got together in year 2007. They are still active. During 2007-2009, the band did not reach its complete line-up because of several problems. The band did not progress during this period. Anoreksi is founded by Anıl Sevener (Bass Guitar) and Muratcan Yeşilyurt (Vocal) in Istanbul University. In year 2009, Orçun Özkan (Lead Gu

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Anoreksi — Death Carillon
Anoreksi — Anorexia
Anoreksi — Bring Me An Hourglass
Anoreksi — Distress
Anoreksi — Emptiness
Anoreksi — Intro Rise Of Infinity
Anoreksi — Nelsons Dream
Anoreksi — Orphaned Dark Demon
Anoreksi — Rebellion Of Soul
Anoreksi — Rise Of Infinity
Anoreksi — Unobtainable
Anoreksi — Neighbour To Hell