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Anti-Flag is a punk rock band based in the United States, formed in 1988 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and known for its outspoken left-wing political views, focusing on anti-war activism, imperialism, class struggle, human rights, and other sociopolitical sentiments. Members include singer/guitarist Justin Sane, singer/bassist Chris Barker, guitarist Chris Head, and drummer Pat Thetic; Chris Barke

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Anti—flag — 911 For Peace
Anti—flag — A New Kind Of Army
Anti—flag — America Got It Right
Anti—flag — Cities Burn
Anti—flag — Exodus
Anti—flag — One Trillion Dollars
Anti—flag — Press Corpse
Anti—flag — The Panama Deception
Anti—Flag — America Got It Rihgt
Anti—Flag — Angry Young And Poor
Anti—Flag — Captain Anarchy
Anti—Flag — Broken Bones
Anti—Flag — Bring Out Your Dead
Anti—Flag — Death Of A Nation
Anti—Flag — Drink Drank Punk
Anti—Flag — Culture Revolution
Anti—Flag — Ever Fallen In Love
Anti—Flag — Free Nation
Anti—Flag — Fuck The Flag
Anti—Flag — Got The Numbers
Anti—Flag — Good N Ready
Anti—Flag — Hymn For The Dead
Anti—Flag — Id Tell You But
Anti—Flag — Mind The Gatt
Anti—Flag — Mumias Song
Anti—Flag — No Future
Anti—Flag — Post—war Breakout
Anti—Flag — Protest Song
Anti—Flag — Punk By The Book
Anti—Flag — Rank—n—file
Anti—Flag — Right To Choose
Anti—Flag — Rotten Future
Anti—Flag — Safe Tonight
Anti—Flag — Sold As Freedom
Anti—Flag — Spit In The Face
Anti—Flag — Stars And Stripes
Anti—Flag — Thats Youth
Anti—Flag — The Old Guard
Anti—Flag — The Smartest Bomb
Anti—Flag — Turncoat
Anti—Flag — War Sucks Lets Party
Anti—Flag — Underground Network
Anti—Flag — Youd Do The Same
Anti—Flag — Watch The Right
Anti—Flag — Welcome To 1984
Anti—Flag — Brandenburg Gate
Anti—Flag — American Attraction