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Apocalyptica is a band from Helsinki, Finland consisting of three classically-trained cellists and a drummer. Their speciality is heavy metal music on cellos, though they also play classical music. They started in 1993 by playing covers of Metallica, but once the concept became popular they wrote their own original works, maintaining the thrash metal influences on their albums Inquisition Symphon

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Apocalyptica — Beautiful
Apocalyptica — Beyond Time
Apocalyptica — Bittersweet
Apocalyptica — Broken Pieces
Apocalyptica — Cohhka
Apocalyptica — Coma
Apocalyptica — Conclusion
Apocalyptica — Creeping Death
Apocalyptica — Deathzone
Apocalyptica — Drive
Apocalyptica — End Of Me
Apocalyptica — Epilogue Relief
Apocalyptica — Fade To Black
Apocalyptica — Far Away
Apocalyptica — Farewell
Apocalyptica — Harmagedon
Apocalyptica — Hope
Apocalyptica — Im Not Jesus
Apocalyptica — Kaamos
Apocalyptica — Life Burns
Apocalyptica — Mb
Apocalyptica — Not Strong Enough
Apocalyptica — One
Apocalyptica — Path
Apocalyptica — Prologue
Apocalyptica — Quutamo
Apocalyptica — Repressed
Apocalyptica — Ruska
Apocalyptica — Sanitarium
Apocalyptica — Stroke
Apocalyptica — The Unforgiven
Apocalyptica — Turn The Sky
Apocalyptica — Boy S Tenyu
Apocalyptica — Burn
Apocalyptica — Cohkka
Apocalyptica — Deep Down Ascend
Apocalyptica — Heat
Apocalyptica — I Dont Care
Apocalyptica — In Memoriam
Apocalyptica — Master Of Puppets
Apocalyptica — Misconstruction
Apocalyptica — No Education
Apocalyptica — Pray
Apocalyptica — Romance
Apocalyptica — Sacra
Apocalyptica — Seemann
Apocalyptica — Shadow—boxing
Apocalyptica — Toreador
Apocalyptica — Wie Weit
Apocalyptica — Worlds Collide
Apocalyptica — Spiral Architect