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There are two bands named Apulanta: 1. Famous rock band from Heinola, Finland, founded in 1991. 2. Hardcore punk band from Tampere, Finland, active in the 80's. 1. Apulanta (Fertilizer in English) is a Finnish rock band, founded in 1991 when members of the band were in their mid-teens. The name of the band means fertilizer, which they have since come to regret. Initially playing hardcore punk and

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Apulanta — 0010
Apulanta — Aggressio
Apulanta — Amerika
Apulanta — Anna Mulle Piiskaa
Apulanta — Bring Me Down
Apulanta — Circles
Apulanta — Dishonesty
Apulanta — Ei Yhtn Todistajaa
Apulanta — Ett Orm
Apulanta — Faarao
Apulanta — Hell Yeah
Apulanta — Hemi
Apulanta — Hiekka
Apulanta — Hippo
Apulanta — Iona
Apulanta — Jumala
Apulanta — Kadut
Apulanta — Kaivo
Apulanta — Knn Se Pois
Apulanta — Lähetyssaarnaaja
Apulanta — Liikaa
Apulanta — Mato
Apulanta — Odotus
Apulanta — Pahempi Toistaan
Apulanta — Ruhtinaat
Apulanta — Silti Onnellinen
Apulanta — Spank Me
Apulanta — Syp
Apulanta — Timantit
Apulanta — Trauma
Apulanta — Viivakoodit
Apulanta — Waitng For Cavalary
Apulanta — Armo