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AqME is a Metal band originating from Paris. AqME was created in the end of 1999 after the break-up of Neurosyndrom. They were one of the founding band of Team Nowhere, along with the bands Pleymo, Enhancer and Wünjo. At the time of its formation, AqME's line-up was composed of ETN on drums, Ben on guitar, Sofi on bass (who will later be replaced by Charlotte), and Koma on vocals. Six months after

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Aqme — A Chaque Seconde
Aqme — Bulmas
Aqme — Delicate Et Saine
Aqme — In Memoriam
Aqme — Instable
Aqme — Je Suis
Aqme — Le Rouge Et Le Noir
Aqme — Pas Assez Loin
Aqme — Pornographie
Aqme — Sainte
Aqme — Si N Existe Pas
Aqme — Superstar
Aqme — Tes Mots Me Manquent
Aqme — Tout A Un Detail Pres
Aqme — Une Autre Ligne