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Arakain is a czech heavy metal/hard rock band. Originally founded in 1982 in Prague, Czech Republic but the band could not release their records due to censorship of communist regime in Czechoslovakia. That's why their first album "Thrash the trash" wasn't released until 1990. Songs from "communist era" were released later, concretely on doubleCD "A15 (vol. 1 & 2)" in 1997 and "Archeology" in 20

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Arakain — Adrian
Arakain — Amadeus
Arakain — Apage Satanas
Arakain — Chameleon
Arakain — Hlas Krve
Arakain — Metalomanie
Arakain — Prominte Slecno
Arakain — Trip
Arakain — Zimni Kralovna