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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Architects are a Technical Metalcore band from Brighton, England. 2) Architects were a -violence band brought up with members of Austin, Texas' own Toru Okada. Now known as the band Faithealer. 3) Architects (also The Architects) is also the name used by a Kansas City Soul Rock band who've released 4 albums (Keys To The Building 2005, Revenge 2006,

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Architects — Alpha Omega
Architects — Always
Architects — Black Blood
Architects — Broken Clocks
Architects — Broken Cross
Architects — Buried At Sea
Architects — Cancer
Architects — Castles In The Air
Architects — Colony Collapse
Architects — Day In Day Out
Architects — Dead Man Talking
Architects — Dead March
Architects — Delete Rewind
Architects — Dethroned
Architects — Devils Island
Architects — Early Grave
Architects — Every Last Breath
Architects — Follow The Water
Architects — Gravedigger
Architects — Heartless
Architects — Hollow Crown
Architects — Hollow Crown Acoustic
Architects — Hunt Them Down
Architects — I Cant See The Light
Architects — In Elegance
Architects — In The Desert
Architects — Learn To Live
Architects — Low
Architects — Minesweeper
Architects — Naysayer
Architects — Outsider Heart
Architects — Red Eyes
Architects — Sail This Ship Alone
Architects — Save Me
Architects — The Darkest Tomb
Architects — The Devil Is Near
Architects — These Colours Dont Run
Architects — To The Death
Architects — Unbeliever
Architects — Untitled
Architects — Were All Alone
Architects — Youll Find Safety
Architects — The Distant Blue
Architects — Shadow Of Doubt
Architects — Gone With The Wind
Architects — Downfall
Architects — Gravity
Architects — A Match Made In Heaven
Architects — Daybreak
Architects — Doomsday
Architects — Memento Mori