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There are at least two bands / musicians named Arda. 1) Russian melodic power metal band Арда 2) A singer / songwriter based in Cyprus. In her words: "Hello and welcome! I always have trouble writing my own biography so I thought I'm just going to write the first thing that comes to my head and let it flow... so here it goes! You see, I've always been very musical. As a kid, I'd pick up tunes

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Arda — Arda
Arda — Bez Otveta
Arda — Cherez Storm
Arda — Fly Away
Arda — Holod
Arda — Net Nikogo
Arda — Pervaya Zima
Arda — Taet Sneg
Arda — V Illuziah
Arda — Vozduh
Arda — Vozvrashenie Gosudarya