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Arghoslent of United States of America (Oakton, Virginia) is a death metal band formed in the summer of 1990. The band's interviews have been the source of much controversy for advocating racism, and lyrically glorifying cultural domination of Africa and the Caribbean by Anglo-Saxon and Spanish conquistadors and slave traders. Their political ideals do not always reflect the lyrical glorification

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Arghoslent — Banners Of Castile
Arghoslent — Dog And Broom
Arghoslent — Hornets Of The Pogrom
Arghoslent — Swill Of The Knaves
Arghoslent — The Grenadier
Arghoslent — The Nubian Archer
Arghoslent — Manacled Freightage
Arghoslent — Flogging The Cargo
Arghoslent — Branding The Peon
Arghoslent — Hereditary Taint
Arghoslent — Rape Of A Slave
Arghoslent — Ten Lost Tribes
Arghoslent — Of Spear And Horns
Arghoslent — Defile The Angelic