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Artcell (আর্টসেল) is a progressive metal band of Bangladesh. The band is arguably the first progressive metal band of the country and usually experiments with tunes from other metal genres such as grunge and thrash. The current band members were school friends in Dhaka. Ershad used to be the guitarist of a band named Tantrik back in 1999. Current vocalist, Lincoln, joined Tantrik just before the

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Artcell — Amar Poth Chola
Artcell — Bangladesh Sriti O Amra
Artcell — Bhul Jonmo
Artcell — Chilekothar Shepai
Artcell — Dhushor Shomoy
Artcell — Dukho Bilash
Artcell — Kandari Hushiar
Artcell — Lin
Artcell — Lin
Artcell — Oniket Prantor
Artcell — Onnoshomoy
Artcell — Opshori
Artcell — Poth Chola
Artcell — Tomake
Artcell — Itihaas Acoustic
Artcell — Sritisharok
Artcell — Dukkho Bilash