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At Vance
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At Vance were founded by Lenk, the man already known through his solo albums, as guitarist in the legendary Zed Yago and Progressive project Centers. Their first album, "No Escape" was released in 1998, and followed by "Heart of Steel" two years later. A year after this, in 2001, came the band's third album "Dragonchaser". After signing with AFM Records in 2002, the band then released "Only Human

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At Vance — Caprice No 16
At Vance — Flight Of The Bumblebee
At Vance — No Speak
At Vance — Solfegietto
At Vance — Fly To The Rainbow
At Vance — Power Glory
At Vance — Princess Of Ice
At Vance — Soldier Of Time
At Vance — Sos