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Atreyu is a five-piece metalcore band from Orange County, California, United States that formed in 1998 and went on hiatus in 2011. They have since reformed in 2014 with preparations for a new album and resumed touring. The band consists of vocalist Alex Varkatzas, guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel, bassist Marc McKnight and drummer and vocalist Brandon Saller. The band was originally named

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Atreyu — The Remembrance Ballad
Atreyu — The Crimson
Atreyu — Storm To Pass
Atreyu — Our Sick Story Thus Far
Atreyu — Theft
Atreyu — This Flesh Is A Tomb
Atreyu — Tulips Are Better
Atreyu — Untitled Finale
Atreyu — Wait For You
Atreyu — Two Become One
Atreyu — We Are The Living Dead
Atreyu — You Eclipsed By Me
Atreyu — We Stand Up
Atreyu — When Two Are One
Atreyu — You Give Love A Bad Name
Atreyu — You Private War
Atreyu — Your Private War
Atreyu — A Song For The Optimists
Atreyu — A Vampires Lament
Atreyu — Aint Love Grand
Atreyu — An
Atreyu — Becoming The Bull
Atreyu — Black Days Begin
Atreyu — Bleeding Is A Luxury
Atreyu — Bleeding Mascara
Atreyu — Blow
Atreyu — Cant Happen Here
Atreyu — Clean Sheets
Atreyu — Coffin Nails
Atreyu — Corseting
Atreyu — Creature
Atreyu — Deanne The Arsonist
Atreyu — Demonology And Heartache
Atreyu — Dilated
Atreyu — Dinosaurs Become Extinct
Atreyu — Doomsday
Atreyu — Exs And Ohs
Atreyu — Falling Down
Atreyu — Gallows
Atreyu — Her Portrait In Black
Atreyu — Honor
Atreyu — Insatiable
Atreyu — Lip Gloss And Black
Atreyu — Lonely
Atreyu — Lose It
Atreyu — Nevadas Grace
Atreyu — No One Cares