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1. http://outinthedesert.bandcamp.com/album/so-little from los angeles. 2. There are several bands having gone by the name "Badlands", the most famous being the late '80s hard rock band formed by former Black Sabbath vocalist Ray Gillen. Badlands was a short-lived rock band founded by Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee and Black Sabbath members Ray Gillen and Eric Singer. Badlands also featured

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Badlands — 3 Day Funk
Badlands — Ball And Chain
Badlands — Dancing On The Edge
Badlands — Devils Stomp
Badlands — Dreams In The Dark
Badlands — Hard Driver
Badlands — Heavens Train
Badlands — High Wire
Badlands — Jades Song
Badlands — Joes Blues
Badlands — Rumblin Train
Badlands — Seasons
Badlands — Show Me The Way
Badlands — Soul Stealer
Badlands — The Last Time
Badlands — Voodoo Highway
Badlands — Whiskey Dust
Badlands — Winters Call
Badlands — In A Dream
Badlands — Shine On