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Baroness is a metal band that plays an eclectic brand of sludge, embracing the ferocity and sharp technique of new-millennium metal but with melodic accents and intelligent guitar work that suggests the influence of sludge and post-metal bands. Baroness formed in the Summer 2003 in Savannah, GA, United States with all members, past and present, hailing from Lexington, VA in the foothills of the

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Baroness — A Horse Called Golgotha
Baroness — Aleph
Baroness — Blackpowder Orchard
Baroness — Bullheads Psalm
Baroness — Cockroach En Fleur
Baroness — Eula
Baroness — Hidden Track
Baroness — Isak
Baroness — March To The Sea
Baroness — O Appalachia
Baroness — Rays On Pinion
Baroness — Red Sky
Baroness — Stretchmarker
Baroness — Teiresias
Baroness — The Birthing
Baroness — The Gnashing
Baroness — The Sweetest Curse
Baroness — Tower Falls
Baroness — Twinkler
Baroness — Vision
Baroness — Wailing Wintry Wind
Baroness — Wanderlust
Baroness — Yellow Theme
Baroness — Swollen And Halo
Baroness — The Line Between
Baroness — War Wisdom And Rhyme
Baroness — Shock Me
Baroness — Morningstar
Baroness — Kerosene