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Bbq Chickens
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BBQ Chickens is the 80`s infuenced punk-hardcore band from Japan. They were founded in 2000 in Tokyo by 4 guys: Hatano (Drums), Hongolian (Vocal), Iso (Bass), Ken (Guitar). BBQ Chickens released 4 albums: "INDIE ROCK STRIKES BACK" (2001), "GOODBYE TO YOUR PUNK ROCK" (2002), the album of covers "FINE SONGS PLAYING SUCKS" (2003) and "CROSSOVER AND OVER" (2011). Also they had an appearance on MTV'

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Bbq Chickens — Fuck Vip Fuck
Bbq Chickens — Jackass
Bbq Chickens — Low Iq Ichi
Bbq Chickens — Popcorn Love