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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Bewitched is a Swedish Blackened Thrash Metal band. 2) Bewitched was an American Indie Rock band. Led by former Sonic Youth drummer Bob Bert. They released two albums. "Brain Eraser" in 1990 and "Harshing My Mellow" in 1992. 3) Bewitched is a Chilean Black/NWOBHM-style band. Mostly in the vein of Mercyful Fate (long solos, etc.) as well as large

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Bewitched — At The Gates Of Hell
Bewitched — Black Mass
Bewitched — Bloodthirst
Bewitched — Cest La Vie
Bewitched — Cremation Of The Cross
Bewitched — Demondawn
Bewitched — Hallways To Hell
Bewitched — Heaven Is Falling
Bewitched — Hellcult
Bewitched — Let The Blood Run Red
Bewitched — Night Of The Sinner
Bewitched — Night Stalker
Bewitched — Pentagram Prayer
Bewitched — Sabbath Of Sin
Bewitched — Sacrifice To Satan
Bewitched — The Witches Plague