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There are multiple artists called Blaze: two British heavy metal bands, an American house band, an American MC, a Japanese hardcore band. 1. For the heavy metal band started by the former Iron Maiden singer, see Blaze Bayley. Blaze (sometimes written as B L A Z E for disambiguation) was the former name of Bayley's solo project until 2007. 2. Blaze (New Jersey, USA), a house band from 1984 onward

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Blaze — Ghost In The Machine
Blaze — Hollow Head
Blaze — Evolution
Blaze — End Dream
Blaze — Born As A Stranger
Blaze — Alive
Blaze — Meant To Be
Blaze — Identity
Blaze — Life And Death
Blaze — Kill And Destroy
Blaze — Motherfuckers R Us
Blaze — Leap Of Faith
Blaze — Nothing Will Stop Me
Blaze — Reach For The Horizon
Blaze — Regret
Blaze — Smile Back At Death
Blaze — Silicon Messiah
Blaze — Soundtrack Of My Life
Blaze — Speed Of Light
Blaze — Stare At The Sun
Blaze — Steel
Blaze — Stranger To The Light
Blaze — Tearing Yourself To Pieces
Blaze — Ten Seconds
Blaze — Tenth Dimension
Blaze — The Hunger
Blaze — The Truth Revealed
Blaze — The Brave
Blaze — The Launch
Blaze — The Path And The
Blaze — Smile Back At Death