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Blessthefall is a post-hardcore band from Phoenix, Arizona. In the two-year span since blessthefall’s album His Last Walk was released, the band has undergone some internal repairs that could have sunk any other band on the rise. Not so for the Phoenix five-piece, who’ve learned that a kink in the gears isn’t enough to stop a band this strong for good. Formed in 2004 by a group of higher-thinking

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Blessthefall — 20
Blessthefall — 40 Days
Blessthefall — Bottomfeeder
Blessthefall — Could Tell A Lie
Blessthefall — Five Ninety
Blessthefall — Higinia
Blessthefall — His Last Walk
Blessthefall — Promised Ones
Blessthefall — Rise Up
Blessthefall — Take Me Now
Blessthefall — The Reign
Blessthefall — To Hell And Back
Blessthefall — Undefeated
Blessthefall — Wait For Tomorrow
Blessthefall — With Eyes Wide Shut
Blessthefall — Could Tell A Love
Blessthefall — Dont Say Goodbye
Blessthefall — Black Rose Dying
Blessthefall — Hollow Bodies
Blessthefall — Stay Still
Blessthefall — Pray
Blessthefall — Times Like These
Blessthefall — Whats Left Of Me
Blessthefall — Witness
Blessthefall — Youngbloods
Blessthefall — God Wears Gucci
Blessthefall — Up In Flames
Blessthefall — Decayer
Blessthefall — Take Me Now Part 2
Blessthefall — Walk On Water
Blessthefall — Exodus