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There are at least two bands called "Blindside". 1. Band from Stockholm, Sweden. 2. 90s Straight Edge Hardcore band from Pennsylvania, USA. Members went on to form Stillwater and Atari. 3. Band from Australia (1992 - 1995) that appeared on the Summershine label. 4. Straight Edge hardcore band from Belgium. 1. Blindside is a post-hardcore/alternative rock band from Stockholm. They formed in 1994 a

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Blindside — Across Waters Again
Blindside — After Youre Gone
Blindside — All Of Us
Blindside — Anne Marie
Blindside — Caught A Glimpse
Blindside — Cute Boring Love
Blindside — Endings
Blindside — Eye Of The Storm
Blindside — Follow You Down
Blindside — Midnight Acoustic
Blindside — My Heart Escapes
Blindside — Painting
Blindside — Pitiful
Blindside — Sleepwalking
Blindside — Superman
Blindside — This Time
Blindside — Yemkela
Blindside — You Can Hide It
Blindside — Midnight