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There are several bands named Boomerang: 1) A 1970's Progressive/Blues band from the USA. 2) An Uruguayan pop/rock band. 3) A jazz fusion group from Kazahkstan. 4) A power metal band from Germany founded in 1996. 5) A new wave/pop trio from USA. 6) A rock band from Surabaya, Indonesia. 1) Boomerang was a Heavy Progressive Blues Rock band from the USA. It was formed in 1970 by Mark Stein, organis

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Boomerang — Gadis Extravaganza
Boomerang — Generasiku
Boomerang — Kehadiran Mu
Boomerang — Kembali
Boomerang — Kereta Laju
Boomerang — Kisah
Boomerang — Kisah Yang Biru
Boomerang — Milik Mu
Boomerang — Neiska
Boomerang — Neraka Jahanam
Boomerang — Pelangi
Boomerang — Phsyco Manimalium
Boomerang — Tanah Perjanjian
Boomerang — Tragedi