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Düsseldorf´s south 1992, two punkrock kids aged 12 decide that they would rather play the music they love instead of just consuming. Even though they are miles away from the breaking of the voice and the talent of their heroes such as the "Sex Pistols", "The Clash" and even the "Toten Hosen", they love playing with a passion - no end in sight. What started with Andi and Sammy back in the days ev

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Broilers — Alles Was Ich Tat
Broilers — Ruby Light Dark
Broilers — Verdammte Stille
Broilers — Ich Bin Bei Dir
Broilers — Zurueck In Schwarz
Broilers — Meine Sache
Broilers — 33 Rpm
Broilers — Sicherheit
Broilers — Donner Und Blitzen
Broilers — Alles Geht Weiter
Broilers — Wenn Du Jetzt Denkst
Broilers — Vanitas
Broilers — Keine Hymnen Heute
Broilers — Bitteres Manifest
Broilers — Meine Familie