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There is more than one artist with this name: 1. Bulb refers to a personal project of Misha Mansoor. The music is influenced by progressive metal, often with a more ambient, melodic sound. Misha's work is self-recorded in his apartment. Many of the songs ("Jetpacks Was Yes!", "Icarus Lives!") are transferred between this project and his band Periphery which he founded in 2005. 2. Influenced by

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Bulb — Absolomb
Bulb — B Equals D
Bulb — Chocolate Flobs
Bulb — Epic Fail
Bulb — Ff
Bulb — Froggin Bullfish
Bulb — Inertia
Bulb — Just Because
Bulb — Make Total Destroy
Bulb — Not Enough Mana
Bulb — Strizzwald
Bulb — The Moonstar
Bulb — This Sentence Is False
Bulb — Tiger
Bulb — Unleash The Pwnies
Bulb — Zyglrox
Bulb — Far Out
Bulb — Jamup Pro