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Bull Zeichen 88
guitar tabs and chords

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(2006 – present) BULL ZEICHEN 88 is a Japanese rock band that formed in late 2006. Their first One-Man Live took place on 2008.10.17 at LIVE HOUSE FAB. The band features 栄二郎 (Eijirou) (Bab-ilion, ex-DREAD NOUGHT FUSE) on vocals, SEBASTIAN (ex-Booze) on guitar, Ikuo (ex-Lapis Lazuli) on bass and 淳士 (JUN-JI) (ex-SIAM SHADE) on drums. Official Site: www.bullzeichen88.com Profile: 栄二郎 (EIJIROU) /

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Bull Zeichen 88 — Niji