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Bumblefoot (aka Ron Thal) is a recording artist with over twenty years of albums and releases. Fronting his solo band as lead singer/guitarist, the music is hard rock, bordering on quirky and experimental. Known for his down-to-Earth obnoxious punky attitude, mixed with off-center abstract intellectuality, and a sense that he's just being himself with you - whether playing lead guitar onstage wit

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Bumblefoot — A Way Out
Bumblefoot — Abnormal
Bumblefoot — Bumblefoot Part 1
Bumblefoot — Bumblefoot Part 2
Bumblefoot — Bumblefoot Part 3
Bumblefoot — Chacha
Bumblefoot — Don Pardon Pimpwagon
Bumblefoot — Dont Cry
Bumblefoot — Fatback
Bumblefoot — Fire
Bumblefoot — Girl Like You
Bumblefoot — Glad To Be Here
Bumblefoot — Guitars Still Suck
Bumblefoot — Guitars Suck
Bumblefoot — Hands
Bumblefoot — Hole In The Sky
Bumblefoot — I Cant Play The Blues
Bumblefoot — Limberneck
Bumblefoot — Malignant Carbuncle
Bumblefoot — Normal
Bumblefoot — Orf
Bumblefoot — Overloaded
Bumblefoot — Piranha
Bumblefoot — Real
Bumblefoot — Rockstar For A Day
Bumblefoot — Scrapie
Bumblefoot — Spaghetti
Bumblefoot — Time
Bumblefoot — Turn Around
Bumblefoot — Vomit
Bumblefoot — We Dont Care
Bumblefoot — Zero