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What started as casual jamming sessions among four secondary school friends ended up forming a band, Bunkface, that is now widely known as a rising star in the Malaysian music scene. Although the band was formed in 2005, it was only in late 2006 when they caught the attention of the public through their participation in the hit TV show Blastoff. The year 2006 proved to be an exciting one for Bunkf

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Bunkface — Bunk Anthem
Bunkface — Dunia
Bunkface — Ekstravaganza
Bunkface — Fine
Bunkface — Jatuh
Bunkface — Malam Ini Kita Punya
Bunkface — Panic
Bunkface — Panik
Bunkface — Prom Queen
Bunkface — Revolusi
Bunkface — Silly Lily
Bunkface — Situasi
Bunkface — Soldier
Bunkface — Through My Window