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The best way to learn Cake songs on guitar. Play tab and chords directly in your browser without additional software read more...

CAKE is an alternative rock band which formed in 1991 in Sacramento, California, United States. The band consists of John McCrea (vocals, guitar), Xan McCurdy (guitar), Gabe Nelson (bass), Vincent DiFiore (trumpet, keyboards, vocals) and Paulo Baldi (drums). The band has released six albums: Motorcade of Generosity (1994), Fashion Nugget (1996), Prolonging the Magic (1998), Comfort Eagle (2001), P

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Cake — Arco Arena
Cake — Comanche
Cake — Comfort Eagle
Cake — Daria
Cake — Four Letter Word
Cake — Frank Sinatra
Cake — Hem Of Your Garment
Cake — I Will Survive
Cake — Italian Leather Sofa
Cake — Its Coming Down
Cake — Long Line Of Cars
Cake — Love You Madly
Cake — Mahna Mahna
Cake — Mexico
Cake — Mission Hill Theme
Cake — Pretty Pink Ribbon
Cake — Sad Songs And Waltzes
Cake — Short Skirt Long Jacket
Cake — Sick Of You
Cake — Stickshifts And Safetybelts
Cake — The Distance
Cake — War Pigs
Cake — Wheels
Cake — Where Would I Be
Cake — Jesus Wrote A Blank Check