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There are at least two artists with this name 1. A metal band from Germany 2. A folk duo from the United States 1 - Caliban, a melodic death metal/metalcore band, was formed in Germany in 1997 under the name Never Again. After 6 months of playing together, the band recorded their first two songs for a compilation, which was never released. The songs were sent to several record labels, and Lifefor

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Caliban — Beloved And The Hatred
Caliban — Calibans Revenge
Caliban — Another Cold Day
Caliban — Coma
Caliban — End This Sickness
Caliban — I Rape Myself
Caliban — Forsaken Horizon
Caliban — I See The Falling Sky
Caliban — I Believe
Caliban — My Time Has Come
Caliban — Rise And Fight
Caliban — Nothing Is Forever
Caliban — Memorial
Caliban — Love Taken Away
Caliban — Its Our Burden To Bleed
Caliban — Song About Killing
Caliban — Sylca
Caliban — Sick Of Running Away
Caliban — Salvation
Caliban — Stop Running
Caliban — The Awakening
Caliban — Scream From The Abyss
Caliban — Stigmata
Caliban — This Oath
Caliban — We Are The Many
Caliban — Walk Like The Dead
Caliban — Dark Shadows
Caliban — Arena Of Concliment
Caliban — Between The Worlds
Caliban — A Summerdream
Caliban — 24 Hours
Caliban — Dein R3ich
Caliban — Detect Your Liberty
Caliban — Entrance
Caliban — Fire Of The Night
Caliban — Goodbye
Caliban — I See The Falling Sky
Caliban — Liar
Caliban — Ive Sold Myself
Caliban — Its Our Burden Too Bleed
Caliban — One Day
Caliban — Room Of Nowhere
Caliban — The Revenge
Caliban — The Bogeyman
Caliban — Tyranny Of Small Misery
Caliban — A Piece Of My Life
Caliban — Exit
Caliban — I See The Falling Sky
Caliban — Ill Show No Fear
Caliban — Liar
Caliban — Salvation
Caliban — Paralyzed
Caliban — Davy Jones