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Callejon (Spanish for alleyway) are five guys from Düsseldorf in 2002. Fullstop. Neither born to live nor to die; because the definition of beginning and ending is uncertain. Were just here trying to turn out the best from all of this For a bit more than two years were making music our hearts tell us to call scrEaMO-metal. Our output is a strong and emotional sound striking straight forward and pr

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Callejon — Astronaut
Callejon — Chronos
Callejon — 1000 Ps
Callejon — Blitzkreuz
Callejon — 22 Teile
Callejon — Dark Star
Callejon — Das Ende Von John Wayne
Callejon — Fremdkorper
Callejon — Es Regnet
Callejon — Dunkelherz
Callejon — Infiziert
Callejon — Phantomschmerz
Callejon — Infiziert
Callejon — Love Sucks
Callejon — Mein Puls 0
Callejon — Kind Im Nebel
Callejon — Mondfinsternis
Callejon — Porn From Spain
Callejon — Sommer Liebe Kokain
Callejon — Snake Mountain
Callejon — Raketen
Callejon — Tanz Der Teufel
Callejon — Zombiefied
Callejon — Und Wenn Der Schnee
Callejon — Fremdkoerper
Callejon — Loreley