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Camel is an English progressive rock group from London, England, United Kingdom. They formed circa 1964 when brothers Andrew and Ian Latimer got together with their respective friends Alan Butcher and Richard Over to form The Phantom Four. The band played extensively around their home town of Guildford, Surrey before changing their name to Strange Bew. The group performed mainly cover tunes until

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Camel — Air Born
Camel — Chord Change
Camel — Drafted
Camel — Dunkirk
Camel — Earthrise
Camel — Echoes
Camel — Flight Of The Snow Goose
Camel — Freefall
Camel — Friendship
Camel — Fritha
Camel — Hopeless Anger
Camel — Ice
Camel — Lady Fantasy
Camel — Lawrence
Camel — Long Goodbyes
Camel — Lunar Sea
Camel — Metrognome
Camel — Mystic Queen
Camel — Never Let Go
Camel — Pressure Points
Camel — Rhayader
Camel — Sanctuary
Camel — Seperation
Camel — Slow Yourself Down
Camel — Snow Goose
Camel — Song Within A Song
Camel — Spirit Of The Water
Camel — Stationary Traveller
Camel — The Great Marsh
Camel — The White Rider
Camel — Unevensong
Camel — Wing And A Prayer
Camel — Refugee
Camel — Neon Magic
Camel — Mystic Queen Acoustic