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Candlemass is a Swedish seminal Doom metal band established in the 1980s by Leif Edling (bass), its leader and songwriter. The band is originally from Stockholm. After Leif Edling dissolved the band Nemesis, he started his own band under the name Candlemass (a possibly deliberate misspelling of Candlemas). The first Candlemass album was Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, released in 1986 and now conside

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Candlemass — A Sorcerers Pledge
Candlemass — At The Gallows End
Candlemass — Battlecry
Candlemass — Bewitched
Candlemass — Black Candles
Candlemass — Black Dwarf
Candlemass — Black Sabbath Medley
Candlemass — Crystal Ball
Candlemass — Dark Reflections
Candlemass — Edge Of Heaven
Candlemass — Embracing The Styx
Candlemass — Epistle 81
Candlemass — Marche Funebre
Candlemass — Mirror Mirror
Candlemass — Prologue
Candlemass — Solitude
Candlemass — The Bleeding Baroness
Candlemass — Under The Oak
Candlemass — Voices In The Wind
Candlemass — Samarithan
Candlemass — Epistle No 81
Candlemass — Codex Gigas
Candlemass — The Edge Of Heaven
Candlemass — Mourners Lament
Candlemass — The Well Of Souls
Candlemass — The Prophecy