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Carajo is a punk rock/nu metal band from Buenos Aires, Argentina which formed at the end of 2000. Carajo consists of Marcelo Corvalan on bass and vocals, Andres Vilanova on drums and Hernan Langer on guitar and backing vocals. Corveta and Andy were members of A.N.I.M.A.L. prior to their split-up. They have released 4 albums, Carajo (2002), Atrapasueños (2004), Inmundo (2007) and El Mar de Las Alm

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Carajo — Acido
Carajo — Chico Granada
Carajo — Cido
Carajo — De Hoy No Pasa
Carajo — El Error
Carajo — El Que Ama Lo Que Hace
Carajo — El Vago
Carajo — Hacerse Cargo
Carajo — Joder
Carajo — La Guerra Y La Paz
Carajo — Luna Herida
Carajo — Sacate La Mierda
Carajo — Una Nueva Batalla
Carajo — Libres
Carajo — El Error Acoustic